“Estate Planning” is a broad term that means putting a game plan in place to provide for you and your family during your life and after your death.  Many find contemplating their own mortality uncomfortable.  It has been my experience that, once the game plan has been put in place, most clients experience a feeling of satisfaction and relief. 

Let’s talk about the “game plan” for a moment.  As in sports, life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, stormy weather, smooth sailing, wins and losses.  An estate plan is a compilation of several legal documents which set out what happens during the game (life) and at its conclusion (death). For example, what happens to your family if you become disabled?  Who will make life-saving and life-ending decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself?  What will happen to your spouse and children at your death? 

The game plan will address these issues and set out your wishes in legally binding documents.  It is a life plan as well as a death plan.  It is not just for those who are particularly wealthy.  It is not just for those who have estate tax and other issues requiring more sophisticated planning strategies.  It is, however, for everyone who is a husband, wife, parent, grandparent, business owner, or has a commitment to religious or charitable gifting. 

During your initial free consultation, we will discuss your family, health, wealth, financial obligations, and ultimately your dreams for your legacy.  Together, we will map out a strategy to design an estate plan uniquely suited to your situation.  Once the strategy is agreed upon, I will give you a fee quote that will be honored for 60 days.  When you are comfortable that you and I are a good fit, I will proceed with drafting the documents required to complete your estate plan.   I have provided an Estate Planning Workbook which will assist me in preparing for our office visit. Please click on the Resources link to see what information I will need in order to properly address your needs.